Polish Posters | The Wishing Tree | Czerniawski

This highly-rated tragedy movie, “The Wishing Tree”, is about a young woman who falls in love with a man who is married to someone else by the village elders. When they are caught meeting in secret, she is paraded tragically through the village for public abuse and ridicule. It won the 1979 David di Donatello Award for best foreign film. The poster is by Jerzy Czerniawski who was born in Poland in 1947. He studied at the State College of Plastic Arts in Wroclaw. His artistic debut occurred during the wave of Polish counterculture in 1970s. He works also on graphic art, illustration, stage design and painting. He has exhibited in the MoMA New York. Some major awards garnered by Czerniawski include the Bronze Medal, International Poster Biennial, Warsaw (1974), second prize at the Poster Biennial, Lahti (1977), and the Silver Plaque at the International Film Festival, Chicago (1981). Czerniawski’s posters constitute a significant part of major museum and private poster collections worldwide.


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