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“An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano” is a 1977 Soviet drama film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov, who also co-stars. It is based on Anton Chekhov’s Platonov, as well as several of his other short stories. Plot: Some members of the gentry gather at a house in rural Russia in the early twentieth century. As the day progresses, relationships develop, and the question arises of where these new relationships will lead. The poster artist Jerzy Flisak (d. 2008) was well known for his cartoonish and fun style, as well as his light use of color, creative typography, and applied stylistic and historical references. He used various techniques in his posters including painting, photography, and cut-out materials. He specialized in film posters that were satirical in nature. In 1961 Flisak received an award from the Polish Minister of Culture and Art, and in 1985 an award from the Prime Minister of Poland. In 1962 he received an award from the New York Art Directors Club for the film poster, “Blood Feud”. Flisak’s works have been exhibited throughout Europe, United States, Middle East, and Canada.

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