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Movie synopsis: After a police operation, Commissioner Thompson gets a map showing the location of the treasure belonging to the pirate syndicate. He decides to take possession of the gold in order to pay a ransom for his kidnapped grandson.

This poster is by the great Miroslaw Lakomski, born in 1950. He is a Polish painter, graphic and poster designer, and had 15 individual and 70 group exhibitions. Lakomski designed and published about 100 film and theater posters. He was taught by Waclaw Polakowski who was a leader in the 60’s and 70’s Art Center at the Płock Culture House. Between 1974-1991 he worked at the Płock Theater as a specialist in theatrical craft and was head of the painting and modeling studio. In 1986 he was awarded the Badge of Cultural Merit. Other awards include one for The Polish American Congress of the Copernicus Stamp project for the US Post  Office (1973), main award in the 1st National Sacrum Art Competition in contemporary Polish art (1979) and Honorable Mention at the 15th Key Art Awards, The Hollywood Reporter (1986). 

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