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This original poster was for an exhibition of Diederich Kortlang´s artwork in Mexico in 1966. Diederich Kortlang (1925-1974) was born in Germany in 1925.  He graduated from the Akademie Fuer Freie und Angewandte Kunst. In 1954 he moved to Havana, Cuba.  Because of the Cuban Revolution he moved to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.  There he conducted classes and was the Head of the Fine Arts Graphic Department at the Instituto Allende. This poster is from that period. In 1972 he moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kortlang’s work is in both private and public collections worldwide. His drawings, paintings, graphics, tapestries and murals can be found throughout the United States, Germany, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland.

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