Vintage Polish Posters | Nabucco by Verdi | Andrzej Bator

Verdi’s opera Nabucco is a dramatic tale set in ancient Babylon and follows the plight of the Jewish people under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar (Nabucco). The story intertwines themes of love, power, and faith, centering on the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem, the ensuing exile of the Jews, and Nabucco’s eventual descent into madness. The powerful and iconic “Va, pensiero” chorus, sung by the Hebrew slaves, epitomizes their longing for freedom and homeland, making Nabucco a poignant exploration of oppression and redemption. The poster artist Andrzej Bator was born 1956 in Łódź, Poland. He graduated from the PWSSP (currently ASP) in Łódź, and obtained a diploma in workshop graphics and printing in 1976. He works with painting, graphic design, drawing, and posters. He participates in many individual and group exhibitions.

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