Vintage Posters | Plock Folklore Festival | Leszek Holdanowicz

The Plock Folklore Festival is an annual festival in Plock along the Vistula River (now called the Vistula Folklore Festival). Poster artist Leszek Hołdanowicz (1937-2020) was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He was one of the representatives of the so-called Polish School of Posters. During 1953-58, he studied at the Graphic Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. In 1961, he resumed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw professors Julian Pałka, Wojciech Zamecznik and Jozef Mroszczak. He received his diploma under Henryk Tomaszewski in 1964. In 1970, he began teaching students typography and graphic design. Between 1974 and 1984, Hołdanowicz ran a studio of graphic design of elements and visual information systems. At the same time, he was the dean, and later, director of the Graphic Design Cathedral. In 2001 Hołdanowicz took part in “Computer as a Material” at the Graphics Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, during which, together with Tadeusz Dominik, Waldemar Swierzy and Leszek Zbijowski, he presented his methods of working with computers. He passed away in 2020.

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