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Alchemik (1988), directed by Jacek Koprowicz, is a Polish fantasy film set in the 16th century. It follows the story of an enigmatic alchemist who arrives in a small town, bringing with him a mysterious manuscript that promises to unlock the secrets of immortality. The townspeople, driven by greed and fear, are drawn into a web of intrigue and dark magic. The film explores themes of human desire, the quest for eternal life, and the consequences of tampering with nature’s laws. With its atmospheric cinematography and eerie narrative, “Alchemik” offers a haunting tale of ambition and mysticism. The poster artist Henryk Waniek (b. 1942) is a Polish artiststage-set designer, author-journalist and commentator on literature and the arts. In 1964 he enrolled at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. During 1965/66 he studied at the University of Kraków. In 1970 he obtained a diploma in poster art and graphic art techniques, studying with professors Tadeusza Grabowskiego and Andrzej Pietsch. After graduating he worked briefly at the State Lyceum of Fine Arts in Katowice as an art teacher, and as a lecturer at the Art Department of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Henryk Waniek is a surrealist painter. Many of his works feature symmetrical overall designs and / or concentric shapes. He frequently incorporates very traditional features such as windows, drinking vessels, ladders, devils, rainbows and shooting stars. He himself speaks of a “magical vision” of the world. He also works with different types of drawings involving graphic art and poster art. From time to time he has diversified into the performing arts, designing stage sets. His works have featured in over 100 exhibitions and he has been honored with various prizes.

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