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Turandot, or, the Whitewashers’ Congress is an epic comedy by the German Modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht. It was written during 1953-54, though it was still incomplete at the time of Brecht’s death in 1956 and did not receive its first production until several years later. It premièred in 1969 in Zurich. The story is loosely based on Count Carlo Gozzi´s play Turandot (1762). Its plot is about how to explain high cotton prices, although a vast harvest. The prize for best explanation is Turandot. The big topic is the abuse of intellectual skills. The poster here is by Wiktor Sadowski. Sadowski, born in Poland in 1956, is a Polish artist working in poster, illustration and painting. He graduated in 1981 from the Academy of Fine Arts after working in Henryk Tomaszewski´s studio. He has worn several prestigious awards for his art, such as the Gold Medal, XI Biennale of Polish Posters, 1985. He is known for his brooding, surreal art. His list of clients expands far outside his native country to include both Europe and North America. He has created posters for theaters throughout the United States, including the New York City Opera, and illustrations for annual reports and publications such as Time, Glamour, the Washington Post and the New York Times




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