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One of the most famous comedies by Aleksander Fredro, directed by Andrzej Łapicki on his 50th anniversary. This performance was from 1995 and filmed for television broadcast. The main theme of the comedy is the love (or rather non-love) stories of two women – Aniela and Klara, who vow to never marry and treat men with exaggerated indifference. So Klara rejects Albin, who is infatuated with her, and Aniela remains indifferent to Gustav. The men do not believe the unusual resolution of the girls. Gustav therefore invents a plot as a result of which his chosen one is to succumb to courtship. In this way, he also plans to help Albin win Klara’s heart. Fredro presents love as a huge force that can stimulate the most sluggish to action. The writer was convinced that this feeling is the source of human happiness and he tries to convey this conviction in his comedy. Poster designed by Jan Aleksiun (b. 1940), an illustrator and graphic designer who was part of faculty of graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

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