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Józef Wilkon was born in Bogucice, Poland. In Poland, Wilkon is considered one of the most famous illustrators of books for children and adults. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and has illustrated nearly two hundred books for children and adults. Wilkon also works on stage design and tapestries. In 2000, Jakub Nowak made a documentary film about him entitled “Józef Wilkoń. In 2007, director Grażyna Banaszkiewicz made another documentary called “The Ark of Józef Wilkoń. In 2020, yet another documentary film was made about him “Behind the Doors of Imagination – Józef Wilkoń” directed by Anna Ciolkiewicz. This special, mint-condition poster was for a 1988 exhibition of his illustrations at the Kordegarda Galleria in Poland.

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96.5 x 64 cm

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