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This movie “Pasja” (“Passion”) is a biographical film about Edward Dembowski, a nobleman trying in vain to convince peasants to participate in the Krakow Uprising against Austria during the revolutions of 1848. Dembowski died on 27 February 1846 at Podgorze, shot by Austrian troops while leading a procession to conduct agitation among the peasants. The artist who designed this poster, Andrzej Klimowski, was born in 1949 to Polish parents in London, and retains strong links with Poland, where he lived and worked for some years. During his career he has made films and written graphic novels. He has designed theater posters and book covers for leading publishers. He was head of Illustration at the Royal College of Art for many years, and is now Professor Emeritus. He continues to produce graphic novels with his wife Danusia Schejbal, and works in graphics and produces illustrations. He also makes films. His work has been the subject of a retrospective at the National Theatre, London.

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