Vintage Film Posters | Harry Angel | Grzegorz Marszalek

Harry Angel, released in 1987 and directed by Alan Parker, is a gripping neo-noir psychological horror film that delves into themes of identity, deception, and the occult. Starring Mickey Rourke as the private investigator Harry Angel, the film follows his journey into the dark underbelly of 1950s New Orleans as he searches for a missing person. Robert De Niro delivers a chilling performance as the enigmatic and sinister Louis Cyphre. Based on the novel “Falling Angel” by William Hjortsberg, the film is renowned for its atmospheric tension, intricate plot twists, and a haunting exploration of the human psyche, making it a standout in the genre. The poster artist Grzegorz Marszałek was born in 1946 in Poland. He studied  at the Art Academy in Poznań, where in 1971 he obtained his diploma with honors under the guidance of Lucjan Mianowski and Waldemar Świerzy. Currently he is manager of Poster and Illustration Studio and Visual Communication Studio at School of Applied Arts in Szczecin. He has presented his works at 18 individual exhibitions and 85 collective exhibitions, both at home and abroad. He received many awards and honors: New Gallery Medal lifetime achievement in Poznań (1977), a silver medal at the VIII International Graphic Biennale in Brno, the first prize in the field of graphics on the VII Festival of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1978), the 3rd prize for the poster in The Hollywood Reporter Competition in Los Angeles (1981), the jury award at the II International Poster Salon in Paris (1988), and honorable mention at the XII International Poster Biennale in Warsaw.


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