Vintage Polish Posters | Crab and Joanna | Andrzej Pagowski

Movie synopsis: When a Polish fishing vessel sets out for a long-distance run to the Canary Islands, a crab gets caught in the nets as they are reeled in — a bad omen for the coming voyage. Sure enough, once at the Islands, the sailors are told they have to stay at sea for a few months longer — and each sailor has his own reaction to that unhappy news. One fisherman in particular has been thinking of his wife Joanna and her insistence that he give up his sea-faring life and find a job on solid land, near home. He weighs the desires of Joanna and the bad omen of the crab, against the profession he inherited from his father before him and is unable to work out a decision. Once he does reach home port, Joanna is there with an ultimatum, and the young fisherman must finally choose whether or not to break with the past. The poster artist Andrzej Pagowski was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1953 and is an artist specializing in graphic design and poster art. Pągowski graduated from The State University of Fine Arts in Poznan in 1978 and began to design posters, which has since become his main interest. In addition to posters, he designs theatrical settings, prints and catalogs. One of the younger artists of Polish School of Posters, in 1990 he created his own graphic studio, STUDIO P, which developed into an advertising agency in 1993 and continues in operation today. In 1992, he became art director of the Polish edition of Playboy magazine.. His work is characterized by a “flick of the wrist” style, including spontaneous, handwritten details and typography. His art can be found in many European museums as well as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. He also has had one-man shows in Stockholm, Paris, London and Warsaw.

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