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The International Frederic Chopin Festival takes place in Warsaw, Poland every year. The program includes Chopin’s work in the context of his era and its multidimensional impact on the European composers of the 19th and 20th centuries, which can be traced to a number of masterpieces by leading artists. This vintage poster by Polish artist Tomasz Szulecki captures the essence of the piano and its heart in a few masterful strokes. Szulecki is a renowned Polish artist known for his unique mastery of multiple mediums. His works are highly sought after and have been displayed in numerous galleries and exhibitions across the world. Szulecki has long been focused on exploring aspects of the human condition and its cultural and historical context. His art often draws on his own experiences as a Polish immigrant and is intended to evoke a sense of shared history and collective identity. His pieces are characterized by vivid colors, dynamic compositions, and striking contrasts. He is especially renowned for his large-scale oil paintings that explore themes of power, identity, and memory. Among his notable works are the oil painting The Reflection of a Dreamer and the acrylic piece Existential Struggle.

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