Vintage Polish Poster | Republika – Public Thing | Kosmynka

The 1984 play “Republika – Rzecz Publiczna” (Republic – Public Thing) is a notable Polish ballet performance created by choreographer Ewa Wycichowska. It was staged at Teatr Wielki in Łódź and featured music by Grzegorz Ciechowski and the band Republika. The performance combined dynamic choreography with the iconic sounds of Republika, making it a unique cultural event in Poland’s performing arts history. The poster artist Sławomir Kosmynka is a Polish poster designer, photographer, typographer, performer and professor. In 1984, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In 2000 he obtained a doctorate in fine arts and in 2018, he received the tile of professor .His posters are in the collections of the Poster Museum in Wilanów , the Poster Gallery in Kraków, Poster Gallery London (UK), Ogaki City Art Museum (Japan), Lahti Poster Museum (Finland), Marmara University (Türkiye), among others. He also collaborated with the K. Dejmek Nowy Theater in Łódź , for which he created a series of posters advertising performances.

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