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Baśń Polska” (Polish Fairy Tales) is a captivating collection featuring traditional Polish folklore and fairy tales. This anthology brings together enchanting stories passed down through generations, rich with mythical creatures, heroic adventures, and moral lessons. Set against the backdrop of Poland’s picturesque landscapes and steeped in its cultural heritage, “Baśń Polska” offers readers a glimpse into the country’s rich storytelling tradition, preserving the magic and wisdom of Polish folklore for future generations. The poster artist Antoni Boratyński (1930-2015) was born in Garwolin, Poland, a town in the south-eastern part of Mazovia. He began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and between 1951 and 1956 he studied at the Academy of Art in Budapest. It was there that he defended his diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, under György Koneczny. As an illustrator, Boratyński has worked with many publishing houses, including Nasza Księgarnia, Iskry, Ludowa Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza, and the Globe. His books with his illustrations have also been published far beyond Poland’s borders, including China, Japan, Korea, Australia and Brazil. As a result, he was repeatedly awarded for his work not only in Poland, but also outside of it; in 1978, he made it onto the IBBY Honour List, which has included the most outstanding books for children and young people from all over. Twice the Polish Society of Book Publishers awarded the work of the illustrator with the title ‘Most Beautiful Book of the Year’; in 1976 he received the Prime Minister’s Award for his work in the field of children’s book illustration. Boratyński has won awards in competitions (e.g. for illustrations to the Bible, the competition was held in Hamburg) and reviews (for example, at the Biennale of Illustration in Bratislava or the IBA International Exhibition of Editorial Art in Leipzig).

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