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This 1965 poster by Maria “Mucha” Ihnatowicz for the “Jazz Record Covers, First International Exhibition” is a captivating piece that reflects the dynamic and vibrant spirit of jazz. Utilizing bold colors and abstract forms, Mucha’s design captures the essence of jazz music’s improvisational nature and its cultural significance. This poster not only advertises the groundbreaking exhibition but also stands as a remarkable example of mid-20th century graphic design, embodying the creativity and energy of the jazz era. The poster artist Maria “Mucha” Ihnatowicz was born in 1937 and studied under the master of the Polish School of Posters Henryk Tomaszewski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, graduating in 1963. She was a key member of the Polish School of Posters during the 1960s and 1970s. Mucha developed a joyful, painterly style all of her own; full of color and beauty. She produced dozens of posters over the next two decades and numerous book covers for the iconic KIK series. She was responsible for the visual side of the Interesting Book Club series from the mid-1960s to the 1990s. Her works are characterized by a spare and concise form. They are often colored with ironic tones as well as innovative, hand-made lettering. Her covers of literary works successfully reflected the character and tone of the text. While saving means of expression, her art is characterized by intense suggestiveness, the use of flat spots, and strong color dissonances.

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