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Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński (1905–1953), alias Karakuliambro, was a Polish poet, well known for the “paradramatic” absurd humorous sketches of the Green Goose Theatre. Many of his postwar pieces, including “A Poem for the Traitor”, “Chryzostom Bulwieć’s Trip to Ciemnogród” and the “Stalin is Dead” were written according to socialist realist conventions. In 1950, he became the object of an ideological battle, his artistic work denounced by Adam Ważyk at the Reunion of Polish Writers as petit bourgeois. He died in 1953 from a heart attack. The poster artist Zbigniew Kaja  was born in 1924 in Poznan, Poland. He was a graphic artist, set designer and one of the creators of the famous Polish School of Posters. He studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań, the Faculty of Painting and Graphics and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where he obtained his diploma in 1976 from Stanisław Mroszczak and Leszek Holdanowicz. He lectured at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poznań. Kaja was the artistic director of WAG and KAW in Poznań until 1977. His works have been exhibited at many collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

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